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Had my son, who is now 17, there when he was 2 until he started 1st grade. He learned so much and I loved that they truly loved all the children and celebrated them and their strengths. Almost all the people we knew that went there will still talk to today and my son is friends with them at Curtis High School. I am so grateful for Ms Anna and the whole staff helping me, since "it takes a village". I ALWAYS recommend to people Raggedy Ann and Andy when looking for a safe, fun, daycare/preschool that truly loves kids. I smile every time I drive by still, and my son still loves to see Ms Anna and say hello and give her a hug, even though he is now 6'3", 280lbs. 🙂

Linda Wojciechowski   

My son went to Raggedy Ann and Andy many years ago, and I still rave about how wonderful this center is. Most of the teaching staff has been employed there for many years, the turn-around in staff is minimal. The director has been there forever and loves each and every child. I just want to say thanks for all you have done to help raise my son to be the young man he is today.

Happy Mom   

We changed daycares about 3 years ago and we love this place. Miss Anna get's involved with the children and creates a loving place for kids to be kids. It's a very safe environment were our kids feel free to grow and ask questions. The biggest plus is the other things the the school does, every Halloween there is a pumpkin carving night, were the dad's come to carve with the kids, there is a mother daughter tea, and even a graduation for all the kids in Jun before kindergarten. They do plays and concerts. Miss Anna is great. Please go check this daycare out for yourself. In just a short while you will see how wonderful this place is. My 2nd child will be leaving in June, we will really miss this place and the friends we have made there.

Very Pleased Parent   

I absolutely love this daycare. Both of my children attend and have been "students" at RAA for the last 3yrs. The turnover rate for teachers at this center is low, which I appreciate as a mom that wants stability for her kids. I had a rough experience with an at home nanny that just went all wrong, and at the last minute had to find childcare. Luckily, Ms. Anna was able to squeeze my then 2yr old in. The teachers are all so attentive and obviously like their job. I have never had any problems even when, like another poster, we went through a financial hardship. RAA was willing to work with us. We've never felt like their professionalism or care was lacking, and therefore we have never felt the need to look elsewhere for childcare. My kids absolutley adore Ms. Anna and love going to "school". Every year they have an "Art Show", conference with the parents, Mother Daughter Tea, Holdiay concerts and more. I recommend this daycare center to everyone.

Adore Raggedy Ann and Andy   

I have had my daughter their for a few years now. We started at another daycare and it went downhill so we moved...so glad we did! This place is not a typical daycare...it is more a prekindergarten school! Yes the kids play but they also do much more, they have class time and arts and crafts, they are exposed to many new and exciting things. I love it when my daughter comes home and has something new to share with me...she is so excited to tell me it is awesome! like the other reviewers have stated, plays, concerts, parties are all extras that the center puts on and invites friends and family...it is great! I especially like the fact that they have annual parent/teacher conferences with us so that we can stay in touch with the kids progress. I think my daughter will be much better off and ready to hit "real" school because of Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Happy Parent